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What is the difference between our solution and a classic fund in e.g. the Cayman Islands or the BVI?

There are several important differences:

  • It is the absolute confidentiality, discretion and investors' anonymity where Kvevri Wealth Management stands out in comparison to classic private bankers, wealth managers or investment funds.

  • The client is free to choose his type of investment: real estate, yachts, money trading, art, etc...

  • Our solution is transferable to heirs or any other beneficiary appointed by the investor

  • Since Georgia is not, and never was, named an offshore tax haven, investments in high tax jurisdictions (e.g. real estate) are much easier in comparison with well known tax paradises.


Do you offer bank solutions in more prestigious banking locations?

Yes. In case the client is not comfortable with Georgia, we can offer banking solutions in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria

Can the client easily exit?

Yes. There is a first year lock-in period after incorporation, after which the client can exit three times per year on April 30th, August 31st, and December 31th. Exept for the Swift solution where the client can exit after 3 months.

Can the client transfer the entire structure, including money and real estate?

Yes. The client can transfer the structure to his personal name, to heirs or beneficiaries.

Do you have strong financial partners?

Yes. We work with a leading Georgian bank, a renowned brokerage service, a dedicated accountant and a reputable law firm, that checks the legal framework of our solutions

Is your solution regulated?

Yes. Contracts between the investor, his SPV and Kvevri Wealth Management are established by our legal partner. Contracts are notary registered and protected by Georgian law.


From what amount can clients invest?

The minimum investment amount is 500'000USD.


How do we contact you?

Just drop us an email and we will be glad to contact you. We can have a Skype call, exchange emails or meet in person.

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