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The wine symbolizes the wealth of our clients. 

The fact that after thousands of years, after many struggles, invasions and wars, Kvevri are still used, symbolizes the stability of the structure.

Kvevri are large earthenware vessels used for the fermentation, storage and aging of traditional Georgian wine.

Resembling large, egg-shaped amphorae without handles, they are either buried below ground or set into the floors of large wine cellars.


Kvevri vary in size and volume, ranging from 20 liters to around 9.000, where 800 liters is a typical size.

The making of wine in Kvevri is the oldest known method of wine production. Approximately 5.000 years ago, this method spread from the region around the Caucasus across the world. The oldest clay jugs found in Georgia, are more than 7.000 years old and appear similar to the current Kvevri jugs.

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