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Kvevri Wealth Management provides clients and investors with safe and protected solutions to discretely hold their hard earned money and assets. We offer ways to invest in financial products, real estate, artwork, yachts, etc... without the owners being exposed. Of course these set-ups are completely in accordance with all Georgian legislation.

Kvevri flow charts fund-1_edited.jpg

1| Fundamental Scheme

For each investor, Kvevri incorporates an individual Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) structure. 

Since the assets are held in the name of the SPV and owned by the Wealth Management Company, the investor stays discrete. 


Kvevri flow charts corp-1.jpg

2| Corporate Scheme

For those who want to legally hold their assets ànd operatie their business in a discrete way.

Profits go back into the SPV after taxation.

We offer a solution with a 10% corporate income tax and 5% dividend tax on profits so 85% goes to the SPV.

Kvevri flow charts swift-1_edited.jpg

3| Swift Scheme

A solution where the client uses the existing Wealth Management structure.

No dedicated structures will be incorporated.


For those who are looking for a fast solution which is operational right away.

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