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10 reasons in favour of Georgia

The centre of operations of Kvevri Wealth management is located in Tbilisi, Georgia for the following reasons:

  1. Georgia has a good legal framework for financial structures, such as funds, crypto, and general business...

  2. Georgia ranks 9th (out of 190 countries) worldwide by 'ease of doing business in 2017'

  3. Georgia is a democratic and politically stable country.

  4. There is solid and reliable banking structure.

  5. Georgia has a European mindset without being part of the EU.

  6. Corruption levels are low and on par with EU member states.

  7. GDP 2007-2017: average growth rate of 4,5%

  8. External public debt to GDP (2017):35%

  9. The presence of performant Free Trade Zones with tax incentives

  10. Tourism inflow rose from 500M$ to 2.000M$ over an 8-year period

map georgia.jpg

Georgia, the facts

  • Population (2015): 3,7million

  • Area: 69.700 km²

  • Life expectancy: 77 years

  • Literacy: 100%

  • Capital: Tbilisi

  • Currency: Georgian Lari (GEL)

  • Official language: Georgian

  • English is generally very well spoken

  • Religion: Christianity


  • Corporate income tax: 15%

  • Personal income tax: 20%

  • dividend tax: 5%

  • VAT: 18%

  • property tax less than 1%

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